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Rental Solutions for Clinical Studies

labfish rental solutions has a long experience in renting out medical and laboratory instruments for clinical studies. Among our customers are several of the top 20 international pharmaceutical companies.

We offer the perfect solution starting from a single instrument up to providing instruments for multinational clinical studies. While we cooperate with many major manufacturers, we remain an independent company and can propose the instruments that best fit your requirements. 

We Meet Your Needs

Each customer is different and each customer has own internal procedures to oblige to, particularly in large companies. At labfish rental, we adapt to your rules and offer the flexibility you need to run your studies.  

Providing Services Throughout Europe

Based in Germany we are in the heart of mainland Europe and ideally located to cover the European continent. While our focus is on countries inside the European Union and Switzerland, we can also supply our rental instruments to countries like Russia and the Ukraine.  

Logistics on the spot

Getting the rental instrument where you need it and when you need it is a critical factor in every clinical study. Let us take care of these worries so you can concentrate on your core business.

Delivery to point-of-use

Larger instruments like fridges, freezers, refrigerated centrifuges or ergometers are often a hassle for the study centers: They are either heavy or large or both. A regular delivery (free house) usually means, the instrument is delivered packed on a palette and often dropped off at a central receiving facility. It is then the study center's job to get the instrument into the laboratory, unpack the instrument and dispose of the packaging material. 

We offer a delivery to the point-of-use with a 2-man delivery team bringing the instruments exactly to where they are needed. The delivery team also unpacks the instrument and disposes of the packaging material. When the instrument is picked up at the end of the rental period, no packaging is required: The 2-man pick-up team takes care of securing the instrument for the return to the labfish rental warehouse. 

Please note that this service may not be available in all countries.


labfish rental solutions offers a range of services to support your work. This includes

  • Assistance in choosing the right instrument for the required application
  • Take care of specific requirements (both legal requirements as well as manufacturer's requirements)
  • Provide consumables
  • Provide training
  • Calibration of instruments (fridges, freezers, centrifuges, incubators etc.)
  • Installation and operating qualification (IQ/OQ)
  • Instrument qualifications

Let us know what you need - we will find a solution for you.

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