Arctiko DP-80 CRYO PORTER portable Freezer (-80°C)

Portable Freezer -80°C


The DP-80 cryo porter, which can operate between 0°C /-80°C, is designed for temporary storage and makes moving more convenient. The freezer can reach -80°C within two hours and maintains -80°C. 

It is handy and runs on both 110/230Vac and 12Vdc so you can plug it in your car and carry it with you. The unit has a handle, and it is easily movable by a single person. The portable freezer ensures easy access to your samples.

The cryo Porter is based on sterling technology, which means, no compressor, nor refrigerant. This makes it very environmentally safe. We offer aluminum blocks for different types of vials and tubes. One aluminum block must be ordered separately for each cryo porter.

Main features

  • Temperature stability +/- 0,2°C
  • Safety system for over current and system failure
  • AC (230V) and DC (12V) connection cables
  • Simple & easy operation
  • Microprocessor controller with digital display
  • Aluminium blocks for quick freezing of samples


(WxDxH): 230 x 262 x 390 mm

Internal dimensions

(WxDxH): 135x135x80 mm


10 kg

Technical data

Temperature range (°C) -80 / 0
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 25
Power supply (V) 12Vdc / 110/230Vac
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power consumption (KWH/24H) 1,6
Power (Watt)  
Horse Power (HP):  
Current (A) 0,3 / 5


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