VWR INCU-Line IL10 Incubator

The IL 10 digital incubator offers an economical and space saving solution for microbiology or haematology applications. Rented out in many clinical studies.


  • Free temperature adjustment: in increments of 0,1 °C up to a maximum of 70 °C.
  • Heating elements are incorporated into the housing base and walls to ensure temperature stability and uniformity.
  • Compact design (IL 10: 0,08 m²)
  • Digital PID control with PT100 sensor and LED display, temperature control can be readjusted with a certified reference temperature measuring instrument
  • Excellent temperature stability (± 0,5 °C at 37 °C
  • Easy to use, safe and reliable

We recommend calibration prior to delivery.

Please contact us for detailed information about the calibration.


285×280×335 mm (BxTxH)

Internal dimensions

230x220x200 mm (BxTxH)


8,3 kg

Technical data


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