B.Braun Infusomat fms

Volumetric infusionpump for use in anesthesia, intensive care medicine and on wards. A reliable instrument rented out in many clinical studies.


High operating convenience

  • Direct input or automatic calculation of the delivery rates (volume over time)
  • Large display to provide the most important parameters at one glance
  • Ergonomic user interface for easy adjustments 

Broad performance spectrum

  • Dose rate mode: Offers the automatic calculation of the delivery rate in ml/h based on the entry of drug concentration in conjunction with the desired dose rate (e.g.: ml/kg/min)
  • Piggyback mode
  • Standby function
  • Compatible with the B. Braun fm system

Safety features

  • Flow clamp prevents "free flow" when the pump door is opened
  • Air detector minimizes the risk of air infusion
  • Adjustable pressure limits result in shorter time to alarm in the event of an occlusion
  • Visual and acoustic alarms
  • Original Infusomat®-Tubing ensures high delivery accuracy and consistency and, most important, trouble-free functioning over long periods of time


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