Ergoline ergoselect 100 P Ergometer

Ergoline Ergoselect 100 P - The classic ergometer for ECG tests. A reliable instrument rented in many clinical studies.


Ergoline ergoselect 100 P Ergometer

The classic ergometer for exercise ECG tests. Free programming of exercise protocols, intuitive operation and universal interfaces (digital, analog, remote start) for connecting to all commercially available PC-based ECG systems and ECG recorders set this ergometer apart. Multiple options and a comprehensive range of accessories are available.


Technical Data

  • Load: 6–999 Watt, speed-independent
  • Speed range: 30–130 rpm 
  • Brake system: microprocessor controlled eddy current brake
  • Handlebar adjustment: 360° inclination 
  • Saddle height adjustment: continuous mechanic 
  • Accuracy: according to DIN VDE 0750-238
  • Patient Body height: 120 - 210 cm
  • Patient weight (max): 160 kg
  • Dimensions (L×W×H): ca. 90 × 46 × 133 cm


  • 10 User programmable protocols
  • 5 fixed incremental protocols (WHO, Hollmann etc.) 
  • Manual load adjustment

This ergometer comes without automatic blood pressure measurement module


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