Hettich EBA20 Portable Centrifuge

A small portable centrifuge. Perfect for on-call and smaller laboratories with 8 place rotor.


Practical and handy, the EBA 20 is the ideal centrifuge for small sample volume. Complete with an 8-place angle rotor.

Small, economy benchtop centrifuge, non-refrigerated, suitable for standard bloodvials like Vacutainer®, VACUETTE®, Monovette®


(WxDxH): 380 x 580 x 260 mm


4 kg

Technical data

  • Capacity: 8 Bloodvials (z.B. Vacutainer®, Monovetten®), adapters for different vials available
  • Speed: max. 6.000 rpm (3.421 x g) (fixed angle)
  • Cooling: no
  • CE compliant


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