Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424 Microcentrifuge

Eppendorf™ 5424 Microcentrifuge is a laboratory standard for use in all fields of modern molecular biology applications


Use these centrifuges for all modern molecular biology applications in Eppendorf™ and PCR tubes. Eppendorf 5424 Microcentrifuge features a 24-place capacity and speed up to 21,130 × g. Patented compressor technology reduces vibrations and protects your samples.


(WxDxH): 240 x 320 x 230mm


13,4 kg

Technical data

 Model  5424 Micocentrifuge
Capacity 24 x 1.5/2mL
Refrigerated No
Max. Speed 15,000rpm
Max. RCF 21,130 x G
Run Time 30 sec. to 9 hr. 59 min. with HOLD


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